Jovita Novillo

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Jovita Novillo

Retired History Teacher/Masters in Social Sciences

I am a history teacher and I have a masters degree in social sciences from the Universidad Nacional de Tucuman (UNT). I worked as a professor in the faculty of philosophy at the UNT and I am now retired.

I studied English with Leigh for 4 years.  It was a beautiful and enriching experience.  Leigh’s classes were very pleasant and motivating.  We always had a new topic to converse in the class with Leigh and the other students.  Also, she gave us a novel to read. The last novel was The Maltese Falcon.  We had a text book too and there we studied grammar.  All the classes were different! I was a teacher and I know when someone is a good teacher or not, and I think that Leigh is an excellent teacher!

I improved my English pronunciation and reading and listening comprehension.  Also, when seeing different topics in each class we were able to expand our vocabulary. Since the pandemic, Leigh continued teaching by Zoom, and the classes continued to be interesting and entertaining.

Our group will miss Leigh a lot because she is a great teacher and she is a very good friend!