Pablo Vargas


Pablo Vargas

Agronomist and Researcher

I am an agronomist and I work as a researcher in weed management in different crops but specifically in sugar cane fields and citrus orchards.

Studying English with Leigh was an incredible experience. You could ask me, Why? First, we all love that beautiful British pronunciation of the words. Second, she never interrupts when you speak, she lets the ideas flow and then we work on the pronunciation of the words we use. Third, the classes are dynamic, we use different tools such as books, audios, videos and podcasts as a context to discuss different topics that we are working with and this is very helpful because it gives us different speaking, writing and pronunciation skills.

The last two years were very good learning English with her, we are going to miss her a lot. PS: I became a reader of the Guardian newspaper thanks to Leigh, and now I read the international news there.