Priscila Mettola

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Priscila Mettola

Nutritionist & Key Account Specialist, NOVO NORDISK (Argentina)

I’m Priscila Mettola, a Nutritionist and Key Account Specialist in a multinational company. I have been working in the pharmaceutical industry since 2010, and I have always had the need to be able to communicate in English to perform my duties.

I started with a basic level of English. With Leigh the classes are interactive, in which listening, reading, writing, grammar, and the development of speaking in English are combined.

After two years, I now feel ready to prepare documents and presentations, take care of business abroad, and travel for pleasure – using my English to communicate more fluently. I am very grateful for the online classes during the pandemic which have prepared me to advance my job position and achieve my best performance without relocating. Thanks Leigh! You are the ONE!