Vicente Stagnetto


Vicente Stagnetto

Industrial Engineer (Synagro software company)

Leigh always has everything prepared for the class. Despite the fact it is a conversation class; she begins with a BBC/news related article (very interesting by the way). We talk about it and practice any new vocabulary. Then, we always do some grammar exercises according to our level. For the rest of the class, she has always something else prepared, with the focus on speaking and using the grammar we have learnt.

I have studied English for many years but as I wasn’t not using the language on daily bases, I was losing vocabulary and fluency. Since I began with Leigh, both vocabulary and fluency are coming back. With the invaluable help of a native speaker of the language! Leigh is “very English” in the best sense of the word. She’s always punctual. Classes always begin and finish on time. She always sends a reminder the day before and she always has everything ready for the class. Very professional and, at the same time, a warm and very nice person to talk to about every topic.